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Sheridan, L. & Kotevski, S. (2014). University teaching with a disability: student learnings beyond the curriculum. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 18 (11), 1162-1171.


This research examines the learning experience of university students who were tutored by a teacher with quadriplegia mixed type cerebral palsy. It was inspired by Pritchard's [2010. "Disabled People as Culturally Relevant Teachers." Journal of Social Inclusion 1 (1): 43-51] argument that the presence of people with a disability in the classroom is important as these teachers deliver both content and generate 'other' learnings. This study examines what was different about the learning experience and what additional learnings may have occurred because of the students' interaction with a tutor with a disability. It begins to explore what educational scaffolding may be needed to facilitate and maximise student learning in this scenario both in the classroom and online learning environment with a tutor with a disability affecting physical movement and verbal communication. It seeks to advocate for the potential role of people with a disability in academia.

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