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Randle, M., Miller, L., Ciarrochi, J. & Dolnicar, S. (2014). A psychological profile of potential youth mentor volunteers. Journal of Community Psychology, 42 (3), 338-351.


Mentoring programs rely on adult volunteers to offer disadvantaged children friendship, role modeling, and insight into the way others relate. However, with the increasing numbers of children requiring mentors, programs are finding it difficult to attract enough volunteers. This study investigates (a) community awareness of an Australian youth mentoring program, (b) the proportion of the population who would consider becoming a mentor in future, and (c) whether those who would consider it differ significantly in their psychological characteristics. While awareness of the program is low, consideration of mentoring is relatively high. Those who would consider volunteering for the program have distinct psychological characteristics, indicating that customized marketing strategies are likely to be effective in attracting them. Findings demonstrate the potential for marketing techniques to be used effectively in the youth mentoring arena and give practical guidance as to how effective campaigns could boost numbers of mentors.

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