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Ge, J. (2014). Tourism Marketing Communications on a Chinese Social Media Platform. In R. Baggio, M. Sigala, A. Inversini & J. Pesonen (Eds.), Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism: eProceedings of the ENTER 2014 PhD Workshop in Dublin, Ireland (pp. 11-19). Ireland: ENTER.


Social media have become important communicative platforms for tourism marketers but it is not clear if and how the communicative language of marketerto- consumer is different from consumer-to-consumer. Given the enormous growth of both tourism and social media in China, this paper focuses on patterns in language use by the Chinese tourism marketers on Weibo. Using systemic semiotic approach, it selects and investigates two corpora of communication on Weibo - tourism to consumer and consumer to consumer. This study expects to provide the firm understanding and categorize the patterns in the language used by Chinese social media marketers so that differences to consumer language can be identified and tourism marketers can learn about language conventions apparent in these social media.

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