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Rossiter, J. R. (2013). Scientific progress in measurement theory?. Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Review, 3 (3), 171-179.


This article is a response to the March, 2013, special issue of the AMS Review, which was purportedly about "scientific progress in marketing" but in fact was about measurement in marketing. Even narrower than that, the special issue was about "formative measurement" in marketing. The present article contends that the problems raised by the special issue's authors were solved earlier by Rossiter's C-OAR-SE measurement theory. Four key references on C-OAR-SE theory (Rossiter in Int J Res Mark 19(4):305-335, 2002; Bergkvist and Rossiter in J Mark Res 44(2):175-184, 2007; Rossiter's 2011a book; Rossiter in Eur J Market 45(11/12):1589-1600, 2011b) are revisited to explain how continued ignorance of C-OAR-SE principles has stifled progress in measurement in all the social sciences.

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