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Cox, A., Hannif, Z. & Rowley, C. (2014). Leadership styles and generational effects: Examples of US companies in Vietnam. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 25 (1), 1-22.


Leadership styles are an important issue for a range of areas, including business and management. One aspect of this is the influence of the age of people on their receptivity to leadership styles. Yet, research on this area using Asian contexts is limited. Consequently, our research looks at the generational effect in the reception of leadership styles - performance-oriented and participative. In particular, we examine the different value orientations of age cohorts and their reception to different leadership styles in Vietnam. First, we outline three strands of literature, namely culture and leadership, generation as a subculture and Vietnam as a context for the transfer of leadership styles. Second, our research methodology is detailed. Third, our empirical research using case study methods is presented. Our results cover the characteristics of three main age cohorts: the resilience of the pre-1975 born, the adaptability of 1975-1986 born and the arrival of the post-1986 born. Following the discussion and implications, we provide some brief conclusions.

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