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Hasan, H., Molla, A. & Cooper, V. (2012). Towards a green IS taxonomy. Proceedings of SIGGreen Workshop (pp. 1-22). Barcelona, Spain: Sprouts.


This paper proposes a set of categories and topics to guide the formation of a taxonomy of Green IS in an endeavor to stimulate efforts to determine the scope and content the field. The resulting taxonomy will complement the SIGGreen Statement of basic Green IS principles. The suggested categories for the taxonomy presented in this paper include the greening of core IS activities supplemented with additional topics drawn from the emerging body of Green IS literature, outcomes of workshops, conference presentations and meetings of SIGGreen as well as the authors experience and communication with fellow members of SIGGreen. It is hoped that others will engage in a constructive effort to further develop the taxonomy and that it will be used to support the application of IS toward global and local initiatives for Sustainable Development.

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