A knowledge management model for firms in the financial services industry



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Held, C., Duncan, G. & Yanamandram, V. (2013). A knowledge management model for firms in the financial services industry. International Journal of Learning and Change, 7 (1-2), 104-125.


The financial services industry faces many demanding challenges. Firms within this industry are predominantly knowledge-based, as are most of the industry's products, processes and services. The application of knowledge management represents a clear opportunity for financial services firms to confront challenges. However, no industry specific knowledge management model for financial services exists. The contribution of this paper is to develop such a model. A multi-level model is constructed by building upon and integrating the Resource-Based/Knowledge-Based Views (RBV/KBV) of the firm, knowledge strategy, methods, knowledge domains, and communities. Based on case study research, a set of guidelines is then proposed to aid in the implementation of the model. The model and guidelines offer new opportunities to become more efficient and effective in financial firms.

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