Dynamic, interactive survey questions can increase survey data quality



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Dolnicar, S., Grun, B. & Yanamandram, V. (2013). Dynamic, interactive survey questions can increase survey data quality. Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, 30 (7), 690-699.


Survey research is critical to the development of knowledge and market insight in hospitality and tourism. Survey research quality depends on the willingness of respondents to participate, and this is decreasing. The recent development of dynamic, interactive online survey question formats may contribute to solving this problem by making surveys more engaging for respondents. To the best of the authors' knowledge, this is the first study which compares traditional and dynamic interactive answer formats using objective and subjective assessment criteria. Results indicate that using a simple dynamic, interactive question in a study on tourism and quality of life improved the objective quality of the data and made the survey experience easier and more fun for respondents, thus leading to higher quality data for users of market research on this topic. Given the wide variety of dynamic question formats, users of market research data need to, however, assess on a case-by-case basis if survey questions are merely more entertaining or whether they indeed increase the validity of data.

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