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Sangkaew, P. & Jayanthakumaran, K. (2013). Trade liberalisation, labour productivity growth and skilled labour complement: evidence from the Thai manufacturing sector. In V. Huynh, V. Kreinovich, S. Sriboonchitta & K. Suriya (Eds.), Uncertainty Analysis in Econometrics with Applications - Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Vol 200 (pp. 203-213). Heidelberg: Springer.


Trade liberalisation in Thailand raised two wider questions regarding the labour market-one with regards to the link with labour productivity and the other the link with skilled workers. This outcome provides a link between (1) trade liberalisation and labour productivity growth, and, (2) skilled employment and labour productivity growth. Trade liberalisation is also correlated with skilled employment. This type of evidence matches conventional explanations for the beneficial allocation of trade liberalisation and demanding skills training for potential future industrial growth.

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