Core Attributes of Pro-Environmental Managers and Dynamics of Environmental Management



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Bhattacharyya, A. & Biswas, K. (2020). Core Attributes of Pro-Environmental Managers and Dynamics of Environmental Management. Australian Journal of Environmental Education, 1-16.


The Author(s) 2020. Published by Cambridge University Press. By simply modifying management decisions towards an environmentally friendly approach, organisations can minimise their negative operational impacts on the environment. A key question is whether a manager's pro-environmental decision-making behaviour can be determined by their personal characteristics. Our study hypothesised that three core attributes (personal values, attitudes, and subjective norms) of a person can predict their future pro-environmental behavioural intention-The closest proxy of actual pro-environmental behaviour. Using the theoretical lenses of Value-Attitude-Behaviour theory (VAB) and Value-Belief-Norm theory (VBN), we examined the roles of three core attributes of future business leaders (MBA students) on their intention to behave pro-environmentally. The results of structural equation modelling indicate that future managers' environmental values, attitudes, and subjective norms are positively associated with their intentions related to pro-environmental behaviour. Mediation test of the structural model further indicates that environmental attitudes mediate the link between personal values and intention; however, subjective norms does not. Our results imply that effective recruitment and selection mechanisms may incorporate these attributes to assist organisations in the identification of environmentally responsible business leaders. By hiring environmentally responsible managers, organisations will be able to better fulfil their commitment towards sustainability outcomes.

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