Equitable work-integrated-learning: Using practical simulations in university marketing subjects



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Chad, P. (2020). Equitable work-integrated-learning: Using practical simulations in university marketing subjects. Australasian Marketing Journal,


2020 Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Work-integrated-learning (WIL) activities assist development of student skills but the often used placement-based WIL model can be problematic, particularly due to equity issues. The purpose of this paper is to investigate use of a more equitable form of WIL - namely non-placement WIL practical simulations. Case study analysed design and delivery of a WIL practical simulation within an under-graduate marketing subject. Teacher reflection, observation of students, plus survey of students generated extensive data. The student survey, containing predominantly open-ended questions, was thematically analysed. Development of relevant key student skills valued by employers was identified in the activity. Teacher reflection coupled with student feedback generated recommendations for further improving the activity. Findings suggest WIL practical simulations eliminate equity issues associated with placement-based WIL models. WIL is under-utilised and under-researched within marketing subjects. The study contributes by showing how specifically designed WIL practical simulation can be delivered equitably to benefit numerous stakeholders.

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