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Price, O., Ville, S., Heffernan, E., Gibbons, B. & Johnsson, M. (2020). Finding convergence: Economic perspectives and the economic practices of an Australian ecovillage. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 34 209-220.


2020 The practices of ecologically-minded alternative communities illuminate differing perspectives on what might constitute an economy. This paper explores the extant literature and presents a framework for considering four spheres of confluence between the modern market economy and diverse economies: economic production practices, attitudes towards growth, environmental responsiveness and the socialrelational context of transactions. Drawing on evidence from an Australian ecovillage, the paper adopts the framework presented as a means of understanding the experiences of cooperatively negotiating various practices necessary to establish an intentionally sustainable community economy. Through this analysis, the paper provides insights into ways ecovillages may operate in the context of the modern market economy without adopting all of its practices. Ecovillages may indeed be places where convergence between economic approaches may be incubated, experienced and experimented, and through closer trading with the local external communities opportunities for the diffusion of such practices may ensue.

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