Does Service Quality Perception in Omnichannel Retailing Matter? A Systematic Review and Agenda for Future Research



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Akter, S., Hossain, M., Lu, S., Aditya, S., Hossain, T. & Kattiyapornpong, U. (2019). Does Service Quality Perception in Omnichannel Retailing Matter? A Systematic Review and Agenda for Future Research. In W. Piotrowicz & R. Cuthbertson (Eds.), Exploring Omnichannel Retailing: Common Expectations and Diverse Realities (pp. 71-97). Cham, Switzerland: Springer Nature. 2018


The retailing landscape has been transformed in the past decade with the emergence of web, mobile and social media. Multichannel retailers are focusing on establishing seamless omnichannel service experience. Omnichannel retailing is not only addition of channels, rather integration of service elements, price, promotion, product assortment, information and transactional data within all available channels of a company. Within omnichannel retailing, the concept of brand experience is highly specific as it includes interactive channels such as social media and review sites. To complete even a single purchase, customers nowadays are using multiple channels. Customers are trying out products in a physical store but at the same time ordering it online using smartphones after comparing price and checking reviews. Remember the customer who did not complete her purchase in store? She may have ordered similar product using other channels offered by competitors. To create a successful omnichannel strategy, companies need to integrate all the channels and customer touchpoints to provide a consistent experience. Whereas multi-channel has focused on enhancing customer value incorporating digital tools, omnichannel has introduced a wider perspective in influencing consumer decision making. With the emergence of omnichannel and related complexities, this study calls for a broader conceptualization of virtual, physical and integration quality. The study also puts forward challenges and future research directions for quality modelling in omnichannel research.

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