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Ditta-Apichai, M. & Kattiyapornpong, U. (2019). Assessing the link between cultural influences and persuasibility in online daily deals. Journal of Hospitality, 1 (1), 31-40.

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Individual's susceptibility to persuasion and cultural values are important factors that influencing consumer buying behaviour. This paper assesses the linkage between an individual's persuasibility to cultural values in online Daily Deals (DD) in their tourism and hospitality deal choices. DD websites are the online platforms that offer a variety of deals and display different types of persuasive information to influence buying decisions. Using correlation analysis of 423 online DD buyers, this paper shows that individual differences in persuasibility significantly link to specific cultural values and thus extends the persuasion literature. It also provides relevant practical implications on the role of cultural values in persuasive communications.

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