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Iqbal, N., Ali, S., ur-Rehman, K., Shah, M. & Akbar, Z. (2010). An Investigation of Theory and Its Application in Investment Management Education-Case of Pakistan. International Journal of Business and Management, 5 (7), 37-45.


Deviation of theory from practice is the burning question of the present age. As, numerous efforts have been commenced in multi programs to inspect this prevailing disparity between knowledge and practice at different venues. This study also aims to investigate the theory practice variation in the context of investment management education on the territory of Pakistan-what is taught by the investment academics in the universities to what is used by the investment professionals in the market. The data was collected from the sample of 30 investment academics and 23 investment professionals by using convenience non probability sampling technique. The sample size was reasonable as per the busy nature of respondents, time and cost constraints. Independent sample T-test was applied on the collected data in SPSS to measure the significant difference in the rating of both groups. The results revealed that there is a widening rift in the realm of investment management education. Out of 21 areas, the significant difference is found in 17 areas. Furthermore, in the light of results it is better to call Investment academics as fundamentalist and investment professionals as technician. Thus, noteworthy suggestion to Investment academics is that they must wake up and realize that investment is no longer solely driven by fundamental analysis.

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