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Benson, K., Chang, M., Gray, P. & Wright, S. (2019). The enduring and evolving influence of Ball and Brown (1968). Australian Journal of Management, 44 (1), 153-159.


Background In this virtual special issue (VSI) we acknowledge the contribution of Ball and Brown (1968) [BB68] and select some key papers from the Australian Journal of Management (AJM), published since its inception in 1976, that demonstrate how Ball and Brown influenced, and in many cases inspired, the research agendas of Australian and New Zealand researchers. AJM is particularly proud to acknowledge the connection with Ray Ball and Philip Brown. Not only did these scholars strongly influence the research agenda of AJM authors but Ray and Philip were both instrumental in the establishment and development of the Journal. The Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), Sydney, launched AJM in 1976 with the aim to publish scholarly articles in the interdisciplinary field of management. Philip Brown was the first Director of AGSM and Ray Ball was one of the foundation faculty of AGSM and the founding editor of AJM...

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