Information Systems as a Service (ISaaS): Consumer Co-creation of Value



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Motamarri, S. (2018). Information Systems as a Service (ISaaS): Consumer Co-creation of Value. In A. Beheshti, M. Hashmi, H. Dong & W. Zhang (Eds.), Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing (pp. 51-64). Germany: Springer.


The exchange of goods and services is an essential and intertwined aspect of human activity. Consumer co-creation of value is an important premise of Service-Dominant Logic (SDL). An interesting contrast is that Socio-Technical Design (STD) is shifting its focus towards incompletion of design where consumer complements design in-use. Furthermore, eminent scholars reflecting on the trajectory of the IS field, propose that Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) and co-evolution as promising avenues to provide a conceptual basis for IS. Ultimately, service is what a consumer seeks from an IS. What distinguishes an IS from other technologies is its dual nature in fulfilling human needs: a direct service provider or mediator for an end-technology. In summary, this research posits that great synergies can be accrued by considering IS as a Service (ISaaS). This discussion while highlighting consumer co-creation of value, strengthens our theoretical understanding of both IS and Service Science disciplines.

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