Consumer Co-creation of Value in mHealth (Mobile Health) Service



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Motamarri, S. (2017). Consumer Co-creation of Value in mHealth (Mobile Health) Service. Journal of Creating Value, 3 (1), 63-76.


Co-creation of value (CCV) is an emerging research discipline. The extant literature primarily focused on tangible value in firm context, relegating value created in an individual's personal space. CCV extends beyond tangible outcomes. While service-dominant logic (SDL) created more interest in co-creation, much of the literature remained at a conceptual level. Empirical studies centred on the individual CCV are scarce. This article argues that individuals co-create value in their own space and there is a need to recognize and enhance our knowledge about it. The article proposes a conceptual model for individuals' CCV in mobile health (mHealth) service context, identifying knowledge, well-being and productivity as dimensions that define quality of life. The study yields insights on how individuals generate value through the use of technology. The study contributes new knowledge on factors that contribute to individuals' CCV. For value research and theory, the article positions individuals at the centre over firms. The research extends value envelope beyond firms and tangible outcomes to encompass individuals and experiential value. For Information Systems (IS), the model expands study horizon to complex social settings that yield valuable insights on how socio-technical interactions alter individual's CCV. The study may further motivate empirical work on individual's CCV.

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