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Dawson, P. & McLean, P. (2012). At the coalface: storying resistance to the managerial imposition of a new performance appraisal system. 12th Annual Conference of the Pacific Employment Relations Association (pp. 1-12). Hervey Bay, Queensland: Pacilfic Employment Relations Association.


This study explores contested change at Glenrothes Colliery and the way that stories emerge are challenged, developed, redefined and shared as part of a continuing dialogue and storying process as miners sought to reassert their sense of collective identity. We argue for a broader conceptualisation of story that moves beyond the confines of folklorist tradition with a focus on retrospective narrative analysis to one which is able to accommodate the temporal, contextual, and political nature of stories as employees make sense and give sense to the changes imposed by management that threatened their collective sense of identity.

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