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Richardson, L. P., McGowan, C. G. & Styger, L. E. J. (2017). Heutagogy - An updated approach to Masters Education. Excellence in Services 20th International Conference (pp. 703-718). United States: Emerald.


Purpose. This paper examines the development of an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) compliant Master of Business Administration (MBA) subject. The aim was to equip students with the fundamental skills they would need to become lifelong learners. We used an embedded team teaching approach as a way to facilitate heutagogical practice. Methodology. A literature search was conducted to see how the AQF requirements were being met for MBA courses. This is connected to the single case study of an MBA subject's development. Findings. The findings indicate that an embedded team teaching style proved to be beneficial in enabling the heutagogical double loop learning method where students were exposed to diverse teaching styles, academic standards and skills, which promoted selfawareness. The embedded style linked student competencies to academic and business skills within the content and assessments. Practical implications. Insights were gained in creating and developing a teaching partnership, the use of heutagogy and at the time a lack of current application of AQF to an MBA. Originality/value. An implementation of the an embedded team teaching learner centred approach and proposed subject development framework can help educational planners, administrators and course coordinators of MBA course to contribute towards meeting the AQF requirements. We devised a double loop learning cycle based on heutagogy principles

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