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Styger, L. & Richardson, L. P. (2017). The Introduction of Well-Being into the Curriculum of an Executive MBA Program: The Sydney Business School as a Reflective Case Study. In B. Vogel, R. Koonce & P. Robinson (Eds.), Developing leaders for positive organizing : a 21st century repertoire for leading in extraordinary times (pp. 263-272). Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing Limited.


There is hardly an established university anywhere in the world that does not have, or aspire to have, an MBA program. Few universities, however, have dedicated Executive MBA (EMBA) programs and of those universities that do, there is much confusion regarding what constitutes an EMBA. For example, some university providers suggest that an EMBA is simply an extension of the full-time MBA program that is offered to part-time students. Other university providers claim that an EMBA is a stand-alone and differentiated program, consisting of a bespoke curriculum, designed for the mature executive.

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