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Hossain, T., Akter, S., Kattiyapornpong, U. & Wamba, S. Fosso. (2017). The Impact of Integration Quality on Customer Equity in Data Driven Omnichannel Services Marketing. Procedia Computer Science, 121 784-790.


The plethora of digital channels has shifted multichannel services to an omnichannel environment. In the omnichannel context, the borderline of offline, online and digital channels is diminishing as consumers utilize several channels simultaneously to complete any purchases. Additionally, as more channels are introduced, the amount of customer data collected at each touch point is increasing rapidly. However, the urgent need to integrate all information with service attributes within these channels will result in increasing cost and consequently customer dissatisfaction if they are disintegrated. To address this phenomenon, this research focuses towards developing quality dimension for data driven omnichannel services marketing. Within omnichannel literature, conceptualization of service quality perception on channel integration is rare. Therefore, additional research is required to know more novel outcomes of the channel integration within omnichannel services marketing. To address this gap, this research focuses on customer equity and its three drivers i.e. brand equity, value equity and relationship equity as the possible outcomes of data-driven omnichannel services marketing. Additionally, research on customer equity has not been addressed within this stream. Hence, this research illuminates a potential avenue for omnichannel services research by conceptualizing customer equity as a possible outcome of integration quality.

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