Embracing the humanistic vision: Recurrent themes in Peter Roberts' recent writings



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Reveley, J. (2018). Embracing the humanistic vision: Recurrent themes in Peter Roberts’ recent writings. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 50 (3), 312-321.


Running like a leitmotif through Peter Roberts' recently published philosophico-educational writings there is a humanistic thread, which this article picks out. In order to ascertain the quality of this humanism, Roberts is positioned in relation to a pair of extant humanisms: radical and integral. Points of comparability and contrast are identified in several of the writer's genre-crossing essays. These texts, it is argued, rectify deficiencies in how the two humanisms envision alternatives to capitalism. Roberts skilfully teases out the non-obvious futurological implications of the work of a diverse array of authors, spanning the boundaries of philosophy, social criticism, and literature. In so doing, he underscores the intimate connection between personal self-transformation and ideal-driven social transformation. Further, Roberts challenges humanists of both radical and integral stripes to reconsider the moral grounds of their critique of capitalism.

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