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Pomering, A. (2017). Marketing for sustainability: Extending the conceptualisation of the marketing mix to drive value for individuals and society at large. Australasian Marketing Journal, 25 (2), 157-165.


The purpose of this paper is to provide new theoretical perspective on marketing for sustainability, particularly for dealing with the environmental threat of climate change. We reconceptualise how marketing is operationalised through the conceptualisation of the marketing mix in order to permit the normalisation of sustainability considerations in business operations and consumption. To the traditional four Ps (product, price, promotion and place) we add but recalibrate for the specific purpose of sustainability participants, processes, and physical evidence, and introduce: promise, principles, and partnership, arguing that each of these may be considered a controllable marketing variable that will contribute to the creation/co-creation of individual and social value. This framework is developed and justified in order to make a novel contribution to marketing theory and practice. Limitations and future research directions conclude the discussion.

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