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Pomering, A. (2012). Controversial corporate communications in a controversial industry: the neutralisation of regulatory change in the Australian electronic gaming industry. Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC) (pp. 1-7). South Australia: National Library of Australia.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) claims are often included in the response to withdrawal of legitimacy in order to manage the impression of the organisation as meeting societal expectations, particularly in controversial industries. Alternatively, an organisation may argue its legitimacy. This paper considers the latter response, arguing that registered clubs, a controversial sector of the Australian gambling industry, use techniques of neutralisation in an attempt to justify their continued targeting of a vulnerable gambling consumer segment, problem gamblers, and forestall Government efforts to impose increased regulation over electronic gaming machines (EGMs), the key source of registered club revenues. Little extant research considers CSR communication responses during legitimacy crises. Techniques of neutralisation are juxtaposed with theories of legitimacy, and considered in terms of i agenda setting political discourse in analysing registered clubs' sought societal legitimacy.

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