Mapping of two Southeast Asian tourism websites



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Kattiyapornpong, P. (2012). Mapping of two Southeast Asian tourism websites. Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA): Asia-Pacific Annual Conference Melbourne, Australia: Latrobe University.


New media developments including internet and e-commerce technology have a profound impact on the marketing and management of travel and tourism (Pollack, 1995; Williams and Palmer, 1999; Sigala and Baum, 2003; Poria and Oppewal, 2003; Uysal, 2004; Wynne et al., 2001). Website is now considered as one of the most important media in travel industry marketing as most travel industry participants continuously redesign their websites for ease and convenience, and upgrade web technology to make their sites more accessible to users. Web-based campaigns allow marketers to develop brands and integrate branding strategy, gather customer information, improve customer service, and streamline online reservations (Baloglu and Pekcan, 2006).

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