Developing a typology of socio-spatial disadvantage in Australia



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Pawson, H. & Herath, S. K. (2013). Developing a typology of socio-spatial disadvantage in Australia. In K. J. Ruming, B. Randolph & N. Gurran (Eds.), Proceedings of State of Australian Cities Conference 2013 (pp. 1-19). Australia: State of Australian Cities Research Network.


Slums and ghettos may be absent from Australia's cities but distinct concentrations of poverty and disadvantage can be found in almost every major conurbation and larger regional centre. For residents, this often means contending with poor housing and inadequate local amenities, as well as insufficient family income. Drawing on an ongoing research project, this paper details the development of an exploratory methodology to identify, classify and map 'disadvantaged places' in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Four distinct disadvantaged area types are identified across the three cities, although the pattern appears significantly more complex and multi-faceted in Sydney than in the other two metro areas

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