Embedding knowledge management into business processes



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Massingham, P. R. & Al-Holaibi, M. (2017). Embedding knowledge management into business processes. Knowledge and Process Management, 24 (1), 53-71.


The paper examines how knowledge management may be used to achieve business process improvement by embedding knowledge management within problem processes. The paper presents knowledge as skilful knowing, and this occurs at the individual, group, and organizational levels. How the organization manages skilful knowing at these three levels is determined by its knowledge management. The paper applies lean thinking principles to identify inefficiencies in workflow and knowledge flow, which we call waste points. It then applies a knowledge management conceptual framework to identify why these waste points exist and to surface solutions. Knowledge management is then embedded into the problem processes to remove the waste points, allow knowledge to flow, and improve the efficiency of workflow. The results are based on a case study of three Saudi Arabia universities. The results have implications for researchers and practitioners.

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