Awakening giants: country comparison of five emerging economies



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Wickramasinghe, A., Gamage, H. Ramya. & Boyd, A. (2016). Awakening giants: country comparison of five emerging economies. Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review, 12 (3), 1-12.


This study explores competitiveness of five emerging countries: Brazil, Ghana, Pakistan, Slovakia and Vietnam in particular key risk factors, opportunities and challenges for international business. In this study we examined non-conventional factors and indicators by focussing on institutional voids of these emerging markets as oppose to readily available traditional matrices such as per capita, growth rate, and other generic indicators. Hence, this study illustrates how asymmetries and unique factors are important in entering into emerging markets. Apart from the conventional approach of risk and opportunity assessment that uses traditional matrices, this study also analyses the critical aspects of international business and education to assess country risk and to study to study risks of business expansion into a foreign market. This study firstly will investigates the traditional matrices such as country profile, the political and legal system, cultural context and the country's economic system including currency risks. Secondly, this study will conduct secondary level institutional analysis investigating the macro level political and social institutional context, country openness, product market, labour market and capital market to explore level of absence of institutions. Finally, this study will discuss the results illustrating the opportunities and challenges of the emerging countries.

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