Research-informed teaching from a risk perspective



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Gresty, K., Pan, W., Heffernan, T. & Edwards-Jones, A. (2013). Research-informed teaching from a risk perspective. Teaching in Higher Education, 18 (5), 570-585.


There is now considerable support in the higher education literature for research-informed teaching as a means of improving student learning, particularly where this involves students as co-investigators. Such an approach, however, comes with a number of risks that have received little pedagogic attention. This paper addresses that knowledge gap by advocating a novel approach to research-informed teaching which adopts a risk-management philosophy. We review the literature surrounding the challenges of this style of teaching and identify why a risk-management approach might be appropriate to address some of the inherent issues of research-informed teaching previously reported. Our findings indicate a range of potential risks associated with either the delivery, or non-delivery, of research-informed teaching. We offer a broad framework categorising these risks. Forming the basis of a wider risk-management approach, this framework could promote increased reflection and enhancement of teaching practice.

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