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Peluchette, J., Karl, K., Coustasse, A. & Emmett, D. (2012). Professionalism and social networking: can patients, physicians, nurses, and supervisors all be "friends?". The Health Care Manager, 31 (4), 285-294.


The purpose of this study was to examine the use of social networking (Facebook) among nurse anesthetists. We examined whether they would have concerns about their supervisor, patients, or physicians seeing their Facebook profile. We also examined their attitudes related to maintaining professional boundaries with regard to the initiation or receipt of Facebook "friend" requests from their supervisor, patients, or physicians they work with. Our respondents consisted of 103 nurses currently enrolled in a graduate-level nurse anesthetist program. All respondents had a minimum of 2 years of work experience in critical care nursing. Most respondents were found to be neutral about physicians and supervisors viewing their Facebook profiles but expressed concerns about patients seeing such information. A vast majority indicated they would accept a friend request from their supervisor and a physician but not a patient. Surprisingly, about 40% had initiated a friend request to their supervisor or physician they work with. Implications for health care managers are discussed.

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