Talent Management and Digitalised Talent Management



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Wiblen, S. (2020). Talent Management and Digitalised Talent Management. In T. Bondarouk & S. Fisher (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Electronic HRM (pp. 144-149). Berlin/Boston: Walter de Gruyter GmbH.


Talent management permeates the corporate lexicon as organisations endeavour to deploy people for strategy execution and competitive advantage. The first serious discussions of "talent management'' emerged during the late 1990s with the publication of the "War for Talent" (Chambers, Foulton, Handfield-Jones, Hankin, & Michaels Ill, 1998). The "War for Talent" deployed references to the scarcity of qualified, valuable and relevant people-based resources, to promote powerful battle like imagery. Organisations were encouraged to fight and compete (against the competition) for this significant resource. Strategic approaches to workforce management were the key mechanism to ensure effective management of the "best people" and "talent". Despite vast technological innovations and changes in commercial realities such as the increase in knowledge-based work, and decrease in manufacturing, talent management practices prevail in importance. The quality of an organisation's internal workforce is paramount to organisational success with competitors unable to replicate the human element of any business, which constantly supports "people are an organisation's greatest asset" rhetoric. Thus, effective management of employees, and the most valuable employees - aka talent - is vital for all organisations regardless of size, industry, and geographic location. Notwithstanding the inherent .relationship between people, strategy execution and arguments that talent management contributes positively to organisational and financial performance (Cappelli, 2008; Collings, 2014), industry-based survey's frequently finds that this strategic activity presents both opportunities and challenges (see PwC Annual Global CEO Surveys).

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