Enacting responsible management: a practice-based perspective



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Price, O., Gherardi, S. & Manidis, M. (2020). Enacting responsible management: a practice-based perspective. In O. Laasch, R. Suddaby, R. Edward. Freeman & D. Jamali (Eds.), Research Handbook of Responsible Management (pp. 392-409). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.


This chapter draws on post-humanist practice theory to discuss managing responsibly. This chapter does not advocate for the study of managers as individuals or collectives, nor managerial work and activities as isolates – but rather for the study of the social and material effects of their interconnections. It is argued that a normative understanding of ‘managing responsibly’ is co-constructed and is emergent within a ‘texture of practice’. Thus, the chapter proposes to assume managing responsibly as ‘care’, as a dimension of ‘doing’ responsible management in situated practices of organizing and managing. Through illustrative examples and a case study of an ecovillage cooperative organization, the chapter illustrates how a practice-based approach can unpack multiple enactments of what might constitute managing ‘responsibly’ (or not) recognizing that there may be a range of competing beneficiaries in different contexts. The chapter concludes with a call for a deeper understanding of the everyday ‘doings’ when examining managing ‘responsibly’ in organizations. A focus on situated management practices, provides insights into whether in situ practices are affording more or fewer opportunities for participating in and learning sustainable, responsible and ethical management practices. Without such understandings the chapter concludes, there is scant opportunity for addressing the kinds of changes in doing ‘responsible management’ required in an increasingly resource-fragile and worker-centric world.

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