SDG's In Marketing Curriculum: A Reflective Process

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Papakosmas, M, Hinchcliff, M, Deo, S, Thai, N, Gibbons, B, Heffernan, T, & Chad, P, 2023, ‘SDG's In Marketing Curriculum: A Reflective Process’ in ANZMAC 2023: Marketing for Good, Otago, New Zealand, 4-6 December.

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ANZMAC 2023 Conference Proceedings


This study explores the integration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within a university-level School of Marketing curriculum using Bloom's Taxonomy to develop a reflective process that could be applied to tertiary education more broadly. Subject coordinators mapped SDGs across Bloom's dimensions, reflecting on their embeddedness within the curriculum. Findings reveal that some subjects directly align with specific SDGs, where assessment tasks require students to work on goal-related projects. Conversely, other subjects indirectly relate to the SDGs through discussions on related topics without explicitly stating their connection. This study offers practical insights by establishing a framework for academics and university administrators to evaluate the extent of SDG integration in marketing programs and identifies opportunities to enhance the level of integration. In utilising Bloom's Taxonomy, the process uncovers gaps in marketing subjects and highlights where SDG teachings may be further embedded within the marketing curriculum and tertiary education more broadly.

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