Integrating Canva into Marketing Education

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Hinchcliff, M, & Mehmet, M, 2023, ‘Integrating Canva into Marketing Education’ in ANZMAC 2023: Marketing for Good, Otago, New Zealand, 4-6 December.

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ANZMAC 2023 Conference Proceedings


The aim of this study is to create a staged approach for educators to embed a digital design tool, known as Canva, into the marketing classroom.

With the increasing digitisation of learning, marketing academics face the challenge of creating highly relevant and immersive materials. The rise of social media platforms since the mid-2000s has disrupted the connection between marketing and design, requiring continuous innovation (Rohm et al., 2019, Hudders et al., 2021). This disruption, led by platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, demands content marketers to deliver professional yet creative designs (Cartwright et al., 2021). As marketing practice undergoes rapid and ongoing transformation, educators face difficulties in designing and implementing teaching content and assessments (Rohm et al., 2021). Drawing on the author's teaching experience in marketing subjects, this conceptual paper aims to assist educators in staying ahead and preparing future marketing practitioners.

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