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Dean, B. A., Mundy, T., Price, O., Kennedy, M., Wheeler, G., Sheridan, L. & Iskra, L. 2023, 'Resourcing and recognition: Academics' perceptions of challenges experienced embedding work-integrated learning in the curriculum', International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning, vol. 24, no. 1, pp. 141-156.


This paper explores academics' perceptions of work-integrated learning (WIL) resourcing provisions and challenges at one institution to better envisage institutional support for WIL. The study draws on the WIL Curriculum Classification Framework to unpack how support and resourcing aligns to different modes of WIL. This study reports on the perceptions of 95 academics from a range of disciplines, teaching a variety of WIL activities. Findings are organized under core resourcing challenges: workload and recognition; developing WIL; administering and scaling WIL; sustainable management of industry relationships, and; other support requirements. Findings suggest mixed perceptions on WIL resourcing, space for more WIL integration in subjects, and consensus on the under-recognition of WIL work. Findings highlight the invisibility of academics' efforts to embed WIL in curriculum, showing clashes in workload modelling and WIL practices. The study has implications for institutional WIL resourcing and recommends more coherent policies for recognition of WIL work.