Optimizing competitive performance of service firms in data-rich environment



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Rahman, M., Hossain, M., Abdel Fattah, F. & Akter, M. (2020). Optimizing competitive performance of service firms in data-rich environment. Journal of Service Theory and Practice,


2020, Emerald Publishing Limited. Purpose: The marketing information system (MkIS) in the data-rich business environment receives all the attention these days, but as essential and perhaps even more essential is the marketing information system management capability (MkISMC). Although many service firms apprehend the return from MkIS, others clearly struggle. It seems that MkIS management capability dynamics and their direct/indirect holistic influence on service firm's competitive performance (SFCP) are unsolved in the current data-driven service economy. This study aims to conceptualize a model and test the antecedents on service firms' competitive performance. Design/methodology/approach: This study utilizes a survey of a sizeable sample of service firms' managers at the firm level. A total of 250 useable responses were obtained and analyzed through structural equation modeling. Findings: Results reveal that variables under their respective direct influences are positively and significantly related. Interestingly, MkISMC has a relatively large magnitude of positive and direct effects on service firms' competitive performance. The other variables, such as the use of marketing analytics (UMAN), service innovation and management (SINM), partially mediate the effect of MkISMC on the competitive performance of service firms. Practical implications: The findings inform practitioners that MkISMC, UMAN and SINM play a vital role in attaining service firms' competitive performance in the data-rich environment. Overall, it deepens the understanding of the mediation effect of UMAN and SINM of service firms on competitive performance. Originality/value: The study advances theoretical understanding of resource-based view (RBV), market orientation and dynamic capability that formulate the relationship of MkISMC, UMAN and SINM in attaining SFCP in the ever-changing data-driven business economy.

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