Design of Hand Grip System with Focus on Tripod Grip Strength



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Biju, S. Mathew., Motti, B., Abdul Malek, M. Fareq., Oroumchian, F. & Bell, A. F. (2020). Design of Hand Grip System with Focus on Tripod Grip Strength. International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, 68 (6), 28-37.


ripod grip strength has been used as a key indicator of the overall state of strength and it is associated with mortality and disability. There are numerous ways grip strength can be measured. The measurement of grip strength in this project is using the power grip which is enclosing fingers around an object, bringing it toward the palm of the hand. This could be measured using a dynamometer. The objectives of this project can be summed up to design a device that will measure the grip strength of an individual and provide a graphical display that could be used by a physiotherapist to provide needed physiotherapy sessions to the patient. The device should also be able to track and detect the decrease in tripod grip over a period of several months. The data collected could be analyzed and represented in different forms to help users understand the results

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