Stolen knowledge: Student knowing in workplace practice



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Burford, S., Cooper, L. & Miller, F. (2020). Stolen knowledge: Student knowing in workplace practice. International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning, 21 (2), 163-176.


© 2020 International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning. All rights reserved. The research reported in this article attends to the learning and knowing that students experience in workplace practice. The research enquiry is propelled by the theories of workplace learning and the recent practice turn in the literatures of organisational studies that accommodate student learning that is impromptu and emergent in the workplace. This research makes a contribution by momentarily decoupling student learning in the workplace from purposeful educational perspectives, to better understand the unscripted knowledge that students acquire in practice. With stronger awareness of this alternate pedagogy, student experiences of work can be enfolded by greater understanding and authenticity in the academy. Using a grounded theory approach, students returning from internships were asked to discuss their learning experiences, what and how they learned. The data were analyzed for emerging categories and a conceptual framework titled Student Knowing in Workplace Practice is reported in this article. .

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