Introduction: a guide to sources for the history of emotions



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Barclay, K., Crozier-De Rosa, S. & Stearns, P. N. (2020). Introduction: a guide to sources for the history of emotions. In K. Barclay, S. Crozier-De Rosa & P. N. Stearns (Eds.), Sources for the History of Emotions A Guide (pp. 186-197). United Kingdom: Routledge.


Historical research on emotion has been gaining ground steadily over the past three decades, becoming a significant subfield in the discipline and tackling a growing range of topics. Major scholarly centers have emerged in a number of places, including Britain, Germany and Australia, sponsoring a variety of publications and conferences. In recent years, historians of emotion have begun to apply their interests to teaching as well as research. Both undergraduate and graduate students now have many opportunities to do work in the field, not only in formal classes but through their own research projects as well.

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