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Graham, S., Baldwin, C., McKay, J. & Jackson, S. (2017). Justice approaches: methods and methodology in environmental justice research. In A. Lukasiewicz, S. Dovers, L. Robin, J. McKay, S. Schilizzi & S. Graham (Eds.), Natural Resources and Environmental Justice: Australian Perspectives (pp. 39-57). Melbourne: CSIRO Publishing.


This chapter explores the diverse methods used by authors of this book in their research on environment and justice in Australia. It explains the reasoning behind choosing these methods and the perceived advantages and disadvantages of using these methods to study questions of justice. In doing so, it identifies ways in which various qualitative and quantitative methods can be used separately, or in combination, to provide a more comprehensive perspective on justice considerations. The chapter also provides examples of the questions posed to participants in interviews, questionnaires, focus groups and visual studies by authors of this book, to illustrate how researchers have employed and operationalised justice concepts.