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Vera Mackie, ‘Asia in Australia: History on the Streets’, Journal of the Society of Asian Humanities, vol. 54, 2023: 5–28.


There are various ways of apprehending the past: archival research, material culture, media, memory and experiencing the traces of 'history on the streets'. This photo essay follows some walks around the central business district of Sydney and its close surrounds. I trace the visual evidence of 'Asia in Australia', triangulating the visual evidence with archival and other sources. When we talk about Asia and Australia we are no longer simply talking about bilateral relationships between two hermetically sealed entities called 'Australia' and 'Asia' but rather a series of connections which brings together Australians, Asians and Asian Australians in global chains of connectedness, through the production, distribution, dissemination and consumption of fashion, artistic works, cultural products and cuisine in our everyday lives.