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Mugumbate, JR and A Chereni, A (2020). Now, the theory of Ubuntu has its space in social work. African Journal of Social Work 10 (1), v-xv.


In this issue, we published short articles that show application of ubuntu in social work. We prioritized articles that showed how ubuntu could be used and applied in social work as well as those with a visual model representing ubuntu. Advances in technology and rapid growth of social media requires that we promote and use visual learning tools for social work especially for the young learner. This special issue’s objective was to accelerate use of concepts, models, theories and approaches that fill the gaps left by western approaches that are being put aside as Africa decolonises social work. Another objective was to encourage participation of young writers in decolonisation and indigenisation. In this editorial article, we define ubuntu, summarise existing ubuntu models in social work before sharing information about this special issue of the African Journal of Social Work (AJSW).