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Playsted, S., Burri, M., & Acton, W. (2020). Warming up and activating mind, body and emotions in pronunciation instruction. TESOLANZ Journal, 28, 49-55.

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Integrating pronunciation instruction into L2 lessons can be an area which teachers can find challenging and students, anxiety-inducing. Preparing students with an effective, quick warm-up can help by enhancing both physical and emotional connections and readiness prior to instruction. This article describes three warm-up techniques used in L2 classrooms. Drawing on a haptic approach to pronunciation teaching (one making strategic use of gesture and touch), the warm-ups focus on engaging students' attention, activating and releasing muscle groups, and moderating their inhibitions. For the moderately kinaesthetic instructor, the routines can be done as is, as presented on the linked videos, or tailored more to pronunciation issues relevant to a specific set of students. Suggestions for alternative types of warm-ups and further integration into pronunciation instruction are provided.