Quality assurance in gifted education



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Alqahtani, R. & Kaliappen, N. (2020). Quality assurance in gifted education. Universal Journal of Educational Research, 8 (11), 5137-5150.


2020 Horizon Research Publishing. All rights reserved. The aim of this review is to consider recent research related to the quality of gifted education. The first six webpages of Google Scholar were searched to collect over 80 papers. PRISMA flow diagram was used for screening to finally select 58 papers for this review. Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) is a package of instructional practices, processes and theories designed to help high performing students, and to enhance their capabilities academically. This study reviews the quality standards of gifted education in certain countries. One research comparing 21 European countries using the international framework for gifted education is included in the study. The conceptual and theoretical aspects of the training are mostly related to cognitive and non-cognitive aspects of learning. A fiercely debated topic is whether gifted education should be separate or included in a common programme. Both sides use high-quality principles and educational frameworks (ICAP, CDL) to strengthen their viewpoints. Another aspect of the study is whether minorities are proportionately represented in such programmes. Methods of service delivery play an important role in ensuring the quality of gifted education and the principals and teachers of the respective institutions are the chief players. Suggestions are given to ensure quality of gifted education, to countries which need improvements in the existing gifted education programmes and to countries which do not have such programmes given. The implication of this study is that it is possible to differentiate exceptionally talented students and ensure that they are not slowed down by conventional teaching programmes or curricula. Add-on programmes can be designed for these students to help them learn faster and prepare them for more advanced levels. Also, including gifted children without any classification of race or creed is possible and signals inclusivity, which is good for the discipline in general.

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