School leadership and Aboriginal student outcomes: systematic review



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Trimmer, K., Dixon, R. & Guenther, J. (2019). School leadership and Aboriginal student outcomes: systematic review. Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education,


© 2019, © 2019 Australian Teacher Education Association. This paper reports one part of a broader Aboriginal Voices Project that has been undertaken by 13 Australian researchers bringing together 10 systematic reviews on Aboriginal School Education. The extent of collaboration and engagement between school and community leaders is important to influence joint decision-making and required to attain lasting change. This review investigates how leadership in both the school and community can contribute to effecting a sustained change in Aboriginal student learning and social outcomes. It also examined the impacts of school policy, governance and decision-making. Findings from the systematic review have highlighted six themes that exemplify the importance of leadership in establishing successful collaborations in Indigenous educational settings to impact positively on student social and academic outcomes.

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