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Apps, T., Beckman, K. & Bennett, S. (2020). Challenges with Designing Online Assessment to Support Student Task Understanding. In M. Bearman, P. Dawson, R. Ajjawi, J. Tai & D. Boud (Eds.), Re-imagining University Assessment in a Digital World (pp. 247-262). Switzerland: Springer.


While online assessments can provide new opportunities to redesign traditional assessments, they also present challenges related to design and communication to support students. Open-ended online assessment may place more onus on students to make choices, interpret assessment requirements and self-regulate their learning. This chapter presents some challenges of re-imagined online assessment design for teachers and students in one case study example, drawn from a collective case study. The chapter outlines student, teacher and contextual challenges that affect how a task may be interpreted and reflects on practical implications for the design of online assessment for learning.



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