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Mansfield, C., Beltman, S. & Weatherby-Fell, N. (2020). "I actually felt more confident": An online resource for enhancing pre-service teacher resilience during professional experience. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 45 (4), 30-48.


One responsibility of teacher education is to provide opportunities for pre-service teachers to build skills and strategies to develop confidence for overcoming challenges and build their professional resilience, yet how students learn these skills is not clearly understood. This study examines how engaging with online modules influenced participants' efficacy and resilience during their final professional experience practicum. Interviews with 13 Australian pre-service teachers revealed that the module content and design reactivated existing knowledge, taught new emotional regulation and coping strategies, encouraged self-awareness and reflection, and built confidence. While further research is needed, participants used their new found knowledge during their professional placement and indicated they intended to do so in their future careers.



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