Greener neighbourhoods, better memory? A longitudinal study



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Astell-Burt, T. & Feng, X. (2020). Greener neighbourhoods, better memory? A longitudinal study. Health and Place, 65


2020 Elsevier Ltd Urban green space may help slow cognitive decline. We extend the investigation towards subjective memory and green space type using latent class analysis and multilevel models of 45,644 individuals in the Sax Institute's 45 and Up Study. Participants with more tree canopy relative to open grass within 1.6 km, compared to similar quantities of both types, tended to have more favourable odds of subjective memory complaints and self-rated excellent memory at baseline. Higher quantities of open grass relative to tree canopy did not afford similar levels of benefit. Socioeconomic factors explained associations between green space and cumulative incidence of memory-related outcomes.

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