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Namazi-Rad, Mohammad-Reza; Lamy, Francois; Perez, Pascal; and Berryman, Matthew, A Heuristic Analytical Technique for Location-based Liveability Measurement, Proceedings of the Fifth Annual ASEARC Conference - Looking to the future - Programme and Proceedings, 2 - 3 February 2012, University of Wollongong.


The increasing population in Australia is highly urbanized. There is no doubt that the rapid growth in the numbers of residents in the metropolitan areas can highly affect the conditions in the public realm, places where people naturally interact with each other and their community. Therefore, a valid measurement of well-being is required for a planner to come up with solid decisions for improving the quality of urban management. An experimental technique is proposed in this paper for calculating the subjective area-based indicators of liveability based on the people’s perception of surrounding environmental and social quality. In our study, a telephone survey on perceived liveability is conducted for Randwick and Green Square area in Sydney. Calculated indices based on the survey data are discussed among several population categories.